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Our Health Services

We offer quality medical care in all areas of family practice including, childhood vaccinations, travel vaccinations, women’s and men’s health checks, family shared antenatal care, examinations.

Surgical procedures such as removal of lumps and bumps, toenail surgery, wound repair, and treatment of skin cancer.

We have nursing support, onsite pathology and pharmacy services.

In addition to our general practice services, we also offer:

Humphries Road Medical Centre offers immunisations to children, adults and travellers.

Your child’s health is of utmost importance to you, us and the community. We believe Immunisation is the safest and most effective way to protect the community from a range of preventable and potentially life threatening diseases. Our nursing team provide a fun and caring environment to administer these immunisations. All scheduled immunisations are held on site and other vaccines are available on request.

Routine Childhood vaccinations can be booked in with our nurse.

Travel vaccines are available at Humphries Road Medical Centre as we are an accredited yellow fever travel vaccination centre.

Appointments to discuss your travel vaccinations should be made with your GP at least one month prior to travelling. We have most vaccines available at our centre.

Men’s Health Checks are available for men to discuss their health and preventing disease development.

Please make an appointment with your GP to discuss the health effects of your lifestyle, diet and exercise screening and ways to manage stress.

Women’s health checks are recommended on a regular basis. Our GP’s offer many women’s’ services ranging from routine health checks to gynaecological care. We are committed to providing the best quality medical care.

Humphries Road Medical Centre is an accredited vaccination practice and designated yellow fever centre. We offer a comprehensive travel service with most vaccines held on site or can be available within 24 hours.

Those travelling to developing countries or contemplating travelling with significant pre-existing medical problems are encouraged to consult with their GP before travelling.

Face to face consultations with our team of Doctors and nurses can reduce risk and enable advice to be individualised with the best package of preventative measures to be put in place. We will also send you reminders if you require any travel boosters for prolonged effect.

The treatment room at Humphries Road Medical Centre is open during normal business hours. The facility, together with our team of experienced nursing staff is capable of dealing with accidents and emergencies as required. A phone call to Humphries Road Medical Centre on 9787 4266 to advise our triage nurse that you will be attending helps prepare for your arrival.

Surgical procedures such as removal of lumps and bumps, toenail surgery, wound repair and treatment of skin cancer are performed at HRMC in the designated procedure room. Contraceptive implants can also be performed at HRMC. Please discuss with your GP prior to making an appointment.

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